Advisory Council

The mission of the NPSI Advisory Council is to provide non-binding informed guidance to the Board of Directors for the purpose of enhancing the organization’s development and governance. Council members are nominated by the President and approved by a majority vote of Directors. Council members serve at the pleasure of the Board for a term of two (2) years. Terms may be successive. The Board of Directors and Advisory Council meets annually to discuss long-range strategic planning and implementation of current operational goals. Council members also provide individual consultation to the President and other members of the Board related to the current needs of the organization and the council member’s area of expertise.


Bradford Cokelet is a moral philosopher who teaches at the University of Kansas. Brad works on questions about the nature of ethically good character and the factors that shape people's characters. He also regularly teaches classes on bioethics. Brad's research and teaching spans across western and eastern philosophic approaches and also engages with contemporary psychology. He is currently completing a book titled Buddhism, Ethics, and the Good Life and working with empirical psychologists to model and identify people's ethical character traits. Brad is honored to serve as an advisor to the Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (beginning in 2018), and to learn more about psychoanalysis in the process.

Teddy Jachim joined the NPSI Advisory Council in 2015 to help support continued growth and engagement of the organization through social media and other online platforms. He assists the Board of Directors by managing the NPSI LinkedIn group, online presence beyond the website, and more recently, he developed a program to offer remote video capabilities that will allow members to participate in various events hosted by NPSI.

Teddy is an account manager on the Apheresis Operations team at Dendreon, a Seattle-based biotech company that produces the only FDA approved immunotherapy treatment. He works closely with vendors to ensure that patients receive top-notch care. He has been with the company for 4 years and deeply enjoys the challenges of providing a novel treatment to men suffering from advanced prostate cancer.  

When he isn’t travelling along the west coast, Teddy spends his time expanding on and tinkering in his Seattle home music “studio,” which he takes great pride in. He attends as many concerts as possible, and has an insatiable thirst for live performances and vinyl records.  


JoAnn Mills' first career was as a psychotherapist in private practice in Seattle. Since 2000, she has pursued a career with Campbell & Company in fundraising for nonprofits. She brings her significant expertise offering valuable insight to our organization, joining the NPSI Advisory Council as a contributing member in 2015. 

As a graduate of both the University of Washington and Fielding Graduate University, JoAnn remains quite active in a number of community-oriented Seattle area initiatives, including as a board member and past president of the Women's Funding Alliance.

She feels fortunate to live close to her two young grandchildren. She also enjoys time spent kite-boarding with her spouse on the Columbia River, off Jetty Island, and in the Gulf of Mexico. JoAnn sums up the life in the Northwest eloquently when she speaks of the area's "iconic beauty and incredible dynamism". 


Patrick Nalbone has been a member of the NPSI Advisory Board since 2014. His contributions have included committee service for the International Evolving British Object Relations Conference, ACPE Accreditation, and Finance Committee. He has been a presenter at two EBOR conferences. In 2014, Patrick was awarded NPSI’s Outstanding Community Member Service Award for helping the organization achieve national accreditation. He is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Seattle.

Patrick has a diverse background in several fields. He started his career as an advertising copywriter and then was a technical writer and editor at Bell Aerosystems in Buffalo, NY working on the Apollo Project that landed a man on the moon. After earning his MEd and PhD degrees from the State University of NY at Buffalo, Patrick became an Assistant Professor and then Associate Professor at the Oregon Health and Sciences University. Later he earned an MPH degree at Harvard School of Public Health where he also served as a Research Associate in Health Policy and Management.  

Patrick has been an independent consultant providing services in strategic planning and organizational change both with for-profit corporations and institutional clients in the fields of higher education, government and health care. He has also served as President of a local non-profit community health clinic network, Executive Director of a hospital-based PPO and manager of health care benefits research for a major manufacturing corporation.   


Doug Ulrich joined NPSI as a member of the Advisory Council in 2014. He attends the annual NPSI Board/Advisory Council retreat and, throughout the year, offers the Board insight on a variety of NPSI initiatives. His personable style and interesting life experiences makes him an insightful resource as NPSI strives for growth.

Doug is a founding partner in the wealth planning practice of the Perspective Group at Morgan Stanley. He earned his designation as a Certified Financial Planner™ in 2002, and runs a successful practice rooted in financial and retirement planning as well as advising corporate executives in managing a variety of complex compensation decisions.   

Knowledgeable on the increasingly important topics of Social Security and Medicare, Doug leverages a background in radio broadcasting to shed light on the many nuances of both retirement programs in his work as a frequent and entertaining presenter.

Previously, Doug served in radar surveillance and navigation with the United States Coast Guard, including being called upon to assist in the wake of the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy, for which he was awarded a medal of Commendation.

Doug resides outside the Washington, DC area, in Leesburg, Virginia. He has participated in the NPSI Major Donor Program since 2014 and visits the Seattle area often.