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Judy K Eekhoff, PhD, BCPsa, FIPA

Address: 1708 31st Avenue S
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Zip: 98144
Years in Practice: 30

Specialty/Practice Description:

Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychology.
Judy K. Eekhoff, PhD, FIPA is the Past-President of Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society & Institute. She is an IPA certified training and supervising psychoanalyst and a licensed child psychologist. She has a private practice in Seattle, Washington, USA where she also teaches, writes, and consults. She is a full faculty member of Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society & Institute, of Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and of COR Northwest Family Development Center. She teaches Freud, Klein, Bion and Meltzer and facilitates Infant Observation Groups. Dr. Eekhoff is on the editorial board of the American Journal of Psychoanalysis and adjunct clinical faculty at the University of Washington, Department of Behavioral Sciences.



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Eekhoff, J.K. (In press, 2019)  "Finding the Impulse: Healing from Infantile Trauma," in Trauma, Destruction and Transformative Potential: Clinical Perspectives, T McBride and M Murphy, Editors,  Rutledge: New York.

Eekhoff, J.K. (2018) Dolor psiquico y cambio catastrofico in El seminario de Wilfred Bion en Paris Julio de 1978, (Editors: Rafael Lopez-Corvo y Lucia Morabito). Ediciones Biebel, Argentina.

Eekhoff, J.K. (2018) “Terrified by Suffering, Tormented by Pain” American Journal of Psychoanalysis, 78 (4): 350-369.

Eekhoff, J.K. (2018) “ Somatic Counter-transference as Evidence of Adhesive Identification in a Severely Traumatized Woman”  American Journal of Psychoanalysis, 78 (1): 63-73.

Eekhoff, J.K. ( 2017) “Finding a Center of Gravity via Proximity to the Analyst” in Engaging Primitive Anxieties of the Emerging Self; The Legacy of Francis Tustin . (Editors: Howard Levine and David Powers.)  Karnac: London.

Eekhoff, J.K with Margaret Bergman Ness, Kerry Regain, Barbara Sewell and Carolyn Steinberg, (2016). “Come On, Hold a Baby’s Hand”  in  From Reverie to Interpretation: Transforming Thought into the Action of Psychoanalysis, (Editors: Blue, D. & Harrang, C.) Karnac: London.

Eekhoff, J.K. (2016) “Introjective Identification: The Analytic Work of Evocation.”  American Journal of Psychoanalysis, 76: (4) 354- 361.

Eekhoff, J.K.  (2016) “The Silent Transference: Clinical Reflections on Ferenczi, Klein, and Bion,”  Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis, 23, No 1, Spring, 2015

Eekhoff, J.K. (2013)  Infantile Trauma, Therapeutic Impasses, and Recovery, American Journal of Psychoanalysis, 73: (4) 353- 369.

Eekhoff, J. K. (2013) “Infantile Trauma, Therapeutic, and Recovery.” The American Journal of Psychoanalysis 73:353-369.

Eekhoff, J.K. (2015) “The Silent Transference: Clinical Reflections on Ferenczi, Klein, and Bion” The Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis, April 2015

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