Psychoanalysis in the News

This section of the website features recent videos and noteworthy journal, newspaper, and magazine articles that support the efficacy of psychoanalysis or explain in non-technical language its philosophical roots and current applications. To read more click on any of the links below.

Jonathan Shedler’s paper, The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (American Psychologist, 2010)[.pdf Document]

British Psychoanalytic Society, Video interview of the Luminaries of British Object Relations: Betty Joseph, Hanna Segal et. al.[Youtube Video]

Evan Osnoss’s article, Meet Dr. Freud: Letter from China (The New Yorker, January 10, 2011)[Outside Link].

Adam Gopnik’s article, Man Goes to See a Doctor (The New Yorker, August 24, 1998)[Outside Link].

Molly Knight Raskin’s article, The Idea that wouldn’t die (Psychology Today, June 2011)[Outside Link].