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David L Parnes, LICSW, FIPA

Address: 226 Summit Ave E
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Zip: 98102
Phone: 206.860.3767
Website: http://www.daveparnestherapy.com

Specialty/Practice Description:

I currently offer psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to children, adolescents and adults.
I received my Master of Social Work degree from Boston University and am a licensed clinical social worker in Washington State. I have an advanced certificate in psychoanalytic psychotherapy from COR Northwest Family Development Center. I began psychoanalytic training in 2007. I have been in practice since 1992.

My approach is based on a psychodynamic orientation, meaning that I understand emotional and behavioral problems to be a product of past experiences, how these experiences were perceived and responded to, and how these experiences live on within oneself, impacting one’s emotional and psychic life. Although past experiences may be forgotten, they continue to live on in the deeper layers of the mind, below awareness, coloring our relationships to ourselves and others. I see my role as helping my patients to deepen their awareness of their emotional lives, to recognize how early relationships form expectations of current relationships, to foster the integration of varied aspects of themselves, and to create the opportunity for psychological growth.