Scientific Meetings

Scientific Meetings feature original paper presentations by our psychoanalyst, candidate and community members, and invited guests, and provide a venue for discussion and debate of evolving psychoanalytic theory and its application in clinical practice. At each gathering, held monthly during the academic year, a paper is presented followed by commentary from an analyst colleague followed by group discussion. The meetings are open to members of the Society and other mental health professionals (including graduate students in medicine, nursing, psychology, social work, and other mental health disciplines) interested in learning more about psychoanalysis, generally, and the British object relations approach, in particular. For those who may be considering advanced training in psychoanalysis, these meetings provide an excellent way of getting to know our analyst members, most of whom also teach in the Institute.


March 2018 - When the Body is a Clinical Fact

February 2018 - Emotional Aliveness and The Capacity to Mourn

January 2018 - Mind as a Nonlinear Dynamic System

October 2017 - Observation Observed