Welcome to the NPSI website

The NPSI website provides information about psychoanalysis and the Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. We welcome you, whether you are seeking to affiliate with our Society, become a psychoanalyst, or are interested in psychoanalytic treatment.

NPSI Society

The Society provides a place for professional affiliation, lively collegial discourse, and continued learning for our psychoanalyst, candidate (psychoanalysts-in-training), and community members. The Society also extends the vitality of psychoanalytic thought to the community at large through treatment, referral, a speaker’s bureau, commentary on cultural events, and other forms of outreach.

NPSI Institute

The Institute is the training site for mental health professionals interested in psychoanalytic education from a British object relations perspective. The Institute offers training for those seeking to become International Psychoanalytical Association certified psychoanalysts. In addition, the Institute offers courses for psychotherapists who want to deepen their theoretical understanding and clinical skill without committing to full psychoanalytic training.

Find an Analyst

If you are interested in finding out more about psychoanalysis as a form of mental health treatment as well as finding an analyst for yourself, please check out our Member Roster for a list of qualified psychoanalysts in our Society, as well as our NPSI Referral Service to learn more about our flexible fee services.


Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute—supporting our members, offering outstanding psychoanalytic training to mental health professionals, and educating the general public about psychoanalysis since 1999.