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You are welcome to browse the following titles authored by NPSI members. Click on a book cover to be linked to a purchase option. From Tribal Division to Welcoming Inclusion: Psychoanalytic Perspectives   by Maxine K. Anderson The Wisdom of Lived Experience: Views from Psychoanalysis, Neuroscience, Philosophy and Metaphysics by Maxine K. Anderson [...]  Continue Reading

Psychoanalysis Today

Psychoanalysis Today is a worldwide journal for different cultures and different psychoanalytic traditions, created by a joint editorial group including IPA, EPF, FEPAL, NAPsaC, APsaA , who share costs, property and responsibility on an ‘egalitarian’ basis. NPSI is a component society of the IPA, and we provide this link as a convenience for our members and other viewers. Click here to view the journal.     Continue Reading


My NPSI is a catalogue of video recordings documenting the organization’s scientific meetings and special events. Our mission is to make NPSI continuing educational events accessible to colleagues (members and non-members) worldwide by providing nonsynchronous viewing that eliminates barriers such as time zones and geographical distance. Through a combination of live and recorded events, we hope to foster psychoanalytic [...]  Continue Reading

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