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Flexible fee referral Service

The NPSI Referral Service connects our Institute's psychoanalysts-in-training who have experience in the British object relations theory and technique to people in the local community. The NPSI Referral Service strives to increase access to psychoanalysis by offering flexible fees. 

Our psychoanalysts-in-training are well-established and highly experienced clinicians who are licensed mental health professionals pursuing advanced, specialized training in psychoanalysis at NPSI. Treatment occurs in therapists' offices throughout the Seattle Metropolitan area and surrounding areas. Our therapists have a wide variety of specialties, training and experience. To see the specialties of our therapists, click here.

For more information about what psychoanalysis is, click here.

For more information about the qualifications/training of a psychoanalyst, click here.


Getting Started and Fees

Persons seeking treatment through the NPSI Referral Service will be evaluated over the telephone by our referral coordinator who will take into consideration the caller's presenting problems, financial circumstances, and any preferences (e.g., clinician's gender, insurance considerations, or practice location). The referral service does not monitor or otherwise participate in the treatment of patients. 

Patient fees are set in consultation with the clinician. A patient's fee is based on his or her financial circumstances and treatment needs. If you are interested in being referred or have further questions about the NPSI Referral Service, please email You may leave a confidential message with your name and request and will be contacted back within one to two business days.

Psychoanalyst members of NPSI may also have availability for referrals and can be contacted directly. For our member roster, click here.

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