Supporting our members, offering outstanding psychoanalytic training to mental health professionals, and educating the general public about psychoanalysis since 1999.

Donor Program

Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute established a Donor Program in 2016. By contributing at the $500 and above level, Major Donors help to supercharge efforts to realize the NPSI mission. Other valued contributors support the organization by helping us to:

  • Maintain national accreditation through the Association Council for Psychoanalytic Education (ACPEinc);
  • Sustain our Referral Service providing psychoanalysis at flexible fee rates to those in need;
  • Publish a high quality newsletter Selected Facts: Newsletter of the Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (circulation 750+);
  • Produce our biennial International Evolving British Object Relations Conference facilitating a spirit of innovation within psychoanalysis and shared with the local mental health professional community;
  • Provide continuing education to mental health professionals by sponsoring scientific meetings featuring original papers by our members;
  • With additional funds we hope to be able to develop distance-learning opportunities for mental health professionals working in remote areas and treating underserved populations.

As a nationally accredited non-profit educational organization, NPSI strives to provide the highest quality education and training for future psychoanalysts and psychoanalytically informed psychotherapists. As a membership society, NPSI supports the ongoing professional growth and development of our psychoanalyst, candidate, and community members. In so doing, the organization contributes to the current regional, national, and international psychoanalytic understanding of mental life and to the emotional health, creativity, and well-being of our community.

Thank you to all of our donors whose generosity contributes to the financial health of the organization and supports our mission. Those who wish to donate anonymously are listed as a single entry.


Major Donors ($500 and Above)

Maxine Anderson
Caron Harrang
Oscar Romero
Carolyn Steinberg

Other Contributors (Up to $499)

Mirta Berman-Oelsner
Matthew Brooks
Michael Dougherty
Eileen Fletcher
David Jachim
Ali Kneisl
JoAnn Mills
Maxine Nelson
David Parnes
Kelly Reams
Connie Sais
Barbara Sewell
Helen Widlansky

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