Supporting our members, offering outstanding psychoanalytic training to mental health professionals, and educating the general public about psychoanalysis since 1999.

About Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society & Institute

Our Mission

Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute is a non-profit corporation dedicated to educational and scientific activities based in Seattle, Washington. The primary mission of the organization is to provide the highest quality psychoanalytic education and training for individuals seeking to become psychoanalysts and psychoanalytically informed psychotherapists. The organization also supports the ongoing professional growth and [...]  Continue Reading

Board of Directors

              Barbara Sewell, MaMFC, MDIV, MRE, MIPA              Term of Office 2020 President Barbara Sewell joined the NPSI Board as President in October of 2020. She has a background in literature, education, religion and counseling. Barb is a graduate of NPSI , an enthusiastic Instructor and a Training and Supervising Analyst. [...]  Continue Reading

Advisory Council

The mission of the NPSI Advisory Council is to provide non-binding informed guidance to the Board of Directors for the purpose of enhancing the organization’s development and governance. Council members are nominated by the President and approved by a majority vote of Directors. Council members serve at the pleasure of the Board for a term of two (2) years. Terms may be successive. The Board of Directors and Advisory Council [...]  Continue Reading

Structure, Bylaws, Board Minutes, and Strategic Plan

The Society is a membership organization comprised of psychoanalysts, candidates (psychoanalysts-in-training), and individuals interested in the application of psychoanalytic ideas to other fields (e.g. mental health, medical, scientific, educational, and cultural). The Society sponsors workshops, seminars, and scientific meetings where members or invited guests present original papers on the theory and practice of psychoanalysis to [...]  Continue Reading


Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute was founded in 1999 by a small group of psychoanalysts interested in establishing a training program for individuals seeking advanced education in psychoanalysis from a British object relations perspective. The initial board of directors for NPSI, when it began as an International Psychoanalytical Association sponsored study group, included Maxine Anderson, Austin Case, Don Ross, Elie [...]  Continue Reading

Code of Ethics

To download the NPSI Code of Ethics or the Provisions for Implementation, click on the following: NPSI Code of Ethics  [.pdf Document] Provisions for Implementation of the NPSI Code of Ethics   [.pdf Document] Filing an Ethics Concern or Complaint Should you have concerns or complaints about any of our members, please contact one of the following ethics ombudspersons: Marianne Robinson   Stan Case   Continue Reading

Anti-Racist Statement

The NPSI Board of Directors supports the following position on racism and racial justice: The world is witnessing violent outbursts of intolerance to difference expressed through anti-Black, anti-Asian, anti-indigenous, anti-Semitic, and all other forms of racism and State-inflicted violence. Socio-economic factors have perpetuated global tensions and widened social differences. In the light of this, the IPA reaffirms its emphatic [...]  Continue Reading

Indigenous Land Acknowledgment Statement

The NPSI Board of Directors has approved the following statement on indigenous lands: “NPSI and its members respectfully acknowledge that we live, work, and recreate on the unceded, traditional lands of the indigenous peoples of North America.”  


Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute is affiliated with a number of psychoanalytic organizations that are interrelated to one another. NPSI is a member of the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies (USA), which in turn is a member of the larger regional North American Psychoanalytic Confederation. All psychoanalytic societies within CIPS and NAPsaC are also affiliated with the IPA which is the oldest and [...]  Continue Reading

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