About Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society & Institute

Our Mission

Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute is a non-profit corporation dedicated to educational and scientific activities based in Seattle, Washington. The primary mission of the organization is to provide the highest quality psychoanalytic education and training for individuals seeking to become psychoanalysts and psychoanalytically informed psychotherapists. The organization also supports the ongoing professional growth and development of our psychoanalyst, candidate, and community members. In so doing, the organization aims to contribute to the current regional, national, and international psychoanalytic understanding of mental life and to the emotional health, creativity, and well being of those treated through the practice of psychoanalysis.

Board of Directors




Maxine Nelson, LICSW, FIPA               Term of Office 2018-2020


Maxine Nelson joined the NPSI Board as the first candidate rep in March 2013. Prior to that, she had been Candidate President 2009-2011.

Maxine became a Director on the Board following her graduation from NPSI in February 2014 and acceptance as a full member in March 2014. She took on the role of Secretary/Treasurer in December 2014 and served in that role concurrently with being President-Elect from September 2017 until September 2018. In her role as NPSI Treasurer, Maxine set up an ad hoc Finance Committee, whose mission was to create NPSI’s first budget, completed in August 2018. As part of the process, Maxine worked closely with Administrator Hollee Sweet to change the way financial reports were done so that they would be comprehensible to all Board members. This was part of an effort to involve the entire Board in financial decision-making.

Maxine has served as a member of the NPSI Liaison Committee since 2015. The Liaison Committee is a standing committee of the Board representing the interests of NPSI on the Boards of Directors of the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies (CIPS) and of the North American Psychoanalytic Confederation (NAPsaC).

As President, Maxine is responsible for chairing Board meetings as well as directing the business of the organization. She is an ex-officio member of all committees of the Board, but does not vote except in the case of a tie. Maxine oversees all activities of Administrator Hollee Sweet and is responsible for approving all aspects of her work including review and editing of monthly board meeting minutes. The President also serves as Chair of the Executive Committee composed of the Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Training, and Past President or President-Elect.

Maxine looks forward to working closely with the Board and NPSI membership to maintain NPSI’s health and status as a component society of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA).

Caron Harrang, LICSW, FIPA               Term of Office 2018-2019

Past President

Caron Harrang was invited to join the NPSI Board in 2009 as a Director. During her term as a Director she worked with other members of the Board (Dana Blue) and a web design firm (Kilmer Hansen Inc.) to redesign the organization website turning it into central vehicle for the organization’s communications with colleagues and the general public. 
In 2013 she was elected President-Elect and served her first term as President from 2014-16. In her first term, Caron created an Advisory Council comprised of individuals with expertise in accounting, distance learning technology, educational development, financial reporting, and social media to provide non-binding informed guidance to the Board for the purpose of enhancing the organization’s development and governance. The Board and Advisory Council meet annually for a half-day retreat to review operations and strategize on how to work together to strengthen current programs and implement new initiatives in the year ahead.
Caron was re-elected to a second term as President at the Annual Membership Meeting 2016. During both terms, Caron has served as a member of the Liaison Committee (a standing committee of the Board) representing the interests of NPSI on the Boards of Directors of the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies (CIPS) and of the North American Psychoanalytic Confederation (NAPsaC).
In September 2018 Caron moved into her role as Past President. She will continue on the Liaison Committee and on the Executive Committee with President and Acting Director of Training Maxine Nelson and Secretary Michael Dougherty. She is especially interested to helping the organization to thrive by mentoring members who may have an interest in contributing by serving on the Board.

Michael Dougherty              Term of Office 2018-2020


Michael Dougherty joined the NPSI Board in 2018 as a Community Member Director. He was elected as Secretary in September 2018. Michael works in strategic communications for international development organizations. He believes that strong communications are powerful tools to drive organizational development and change. Michael brings this commitment and his diverse experience, particularly in the non-profit sector, to the NPSI Board. Michael has 25 years of experience in developing promotional, information and knowledge products for international organizations, non-governmental organizations, non-profit, public and private sector clients worldwide. He has broad-based expertise in strategic communications, media relations, writing, design, branding, web and social media, film and multi-media combined with strong project management skills. Michael is currently based in Indonesia, where he works for the Center for International Forestry Research. He is also a practicing fine artist.

Caron Harrang, LICSW, FIPA               Term of Office 2018-2020

Acting Treasurer 

Caron Harrang is serving as Acting Treasurer until the Board is able to recruit a qualified replacement. In her temporary role Caron coordinates with NSPI Administrator Hollee Sweet to provide financial reports to the Board at monthly meetings and presents the organization’s budget for approval each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). The Treasurer chairs the ad hoc Finance committee and prepares a summary for inclusion in the organization’s Annual Report for each fiscal year. The Treasurer reviews and keeps the Board informed about the organization’s investment activities. The Treasurer serves on the Executive Committee regarding financial strategy and oversight of outside financial audits ensuring transparency of budgeting policies and procedures.

Maxine Nelson, LICSW, FIPA               Term of Office 2018-2020

Acting Director of Training

Maxine Nelson is currently serving as Acting Director of Training in addition to being President of NPSI. She joined the Education Committee in 2015 and served as Chair of Admissions until 2018.

As Director of Training, Maxine is responsible for all aspects of the psychoanalytic training program and acts as Chair of the Education Committee comprised of Chairs of Admissions, Curriculum, Progression, Training Analysts and Candidate President.
In her role as Director of Training, Maxine serves as a member of the Executive Committee, composed of the President (Chair), Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Training, and Past President or President-Elect. Maxine acts as the bridge between the Board and the primary educational activity of the Institute, the provision of training for mental health professionals. 


David Jachim, PhD, FIPA              Term of Office 201


David has been an NPSI Board Member since 2010. In 2012 he was elected President and served his term in this capacity until 2014. During his administration a number of goals were accomplished, including the creation of a website and newsletter, re-organization of the Board, various outreach initiatives and application to the APCE. Upon completion of his term, David was elected to the Board as Director and he serves in that capacity to the present. His primary interest is in Board development and he currently heads a project to increase Board membership with both analyst and non-analyst community members. In addition, he maintains an analytic practice in Seattle, working with adults and older adolescents. He enjoys spending time with his family, writing, travelling, athletics, and jazz music.


John Petrov              Term of Office 2017-2019

Community Member Director

John Petrov is a Condominium Association Industry veteran with a wide-range of experience in managing Condo Associations, HOAs, Co-Ops and PUDs. Having dealt with Associations as small as two units and as large as hundreds of units, in two different states, John has a unique perspective in a business industry that requires very special skills. John has been active in the condominium and real estate market for the past 10 years and has founded Washington Condo Brokers, Inc., a Condo/HOA exclusive realty company, in January of 2016. As a Managing Broker, his current specialty is condominium real estate sales, consultations, and professional resale certificate reviews. John obtained his degrees in Business Management and Marketing from the University of Alaska and currently maintains active Association Management Specialist and Certified Manager of Community Associations designations. John has served on the Board of Directors for Discovery Park Condominium Association for the past 3 years.


Becky McGuire, MS, LMHC              Term of Office 2017-2019

Candidate Representative 

Becky is a fourth year candidate at NPSI and was accepted by the Board of Directors in January 2017 to be the Candidate Representative. As the Candidate Representative, her role is to act as liaison between the candidates engaged in psychoanalytic training and the Board of Directors.  She meets monthly with the candidate group and endeavors to represent their interests at the board meetings. It is equally important to Becky, to convey to the candidate group pertinent information from the Board that will support the candidates in their progression through training and in their professional development. Becky believes that this open channel of communication between candidates and the Board of Directors fosters a robust training environment and furthers the development of the Society and the Institute.

Anna Delacroix, MA, LMHC                 Term of Office 2018-2020

Candidate Representative 

Anna is a senior candidate at NPSI and was accepted by the Board of Directors in September 2018 to be a Candidate Representative. As a Candidate Representative, her role is to act as liaison between the Board and candidates currently engaged in psychoanalytic training at NPSI.  She maintains a private practice in Seattle where she sees adults in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis and provides meditation instruction and guidance. 


Hollee Sweet

Recording Secretary

Hollee joined NPSI in June of 2014. As Administrator, she provides administrative support to the organization, maintains bookkeeping, manages updates to the website, obtains and reports on CEUs for the Society and Institute, reports to the President, is Managing Editor of Selected Facts: Newsletter of Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, and is Recording Secretary for the Board of Directors. Approved minutes can be found on the NPSI website here.   

Advisory Council

The mission of the NPSI Advisory Council is to provide non-binding informed guidance to the Board of Directors for the purpose of enhancing the organization’s development and governance. Council members are nominated by the President and approved by a majority vote of Directors. Council members serve at the pleasure of the Board for a term of two (2) years. Terms may be successive. The Board of Directors and Advisory Council meets annually to discuss long-range strategic planning and implementation of current operational goals. Council members also provide individual consultation to the President and other members of the Board related to the current needs of the organization and the council member’s area of expertise.


Bradford Cokelet is a moral philosopher who teaches at the University of Kansas. Brad works on questions about the nature of ethically good character and the factors that shape people's characters. He also regularly teaches classes on bioethics. Brad's research and teaching spans across western and eastern philosophic approaches and also engages with contemporary psychology. He is currently completing a book titled Buddhism, Ethics, and the Good Life and working with empirical psychologists to model and identify people's ethical character traits. Brad is honored to serve as an advisor to the Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (beginning in 2018), and to learn more about psychoanalysis in the process.

Teddy Jachim joined the NPSI Advisory Council in 2015 to help support continued growth and engagement of the organization through social media and other online platforms. He assists the Board of Directors by managing the NPSI LinkedIn group, online presence beyond the website, and more recently, he developed a program to offer remote video capabilities that will allow members to participate in various events hosted by NPSI.

Teddy is an account manager on the Apheresis Operations team at Dendreon, a Seattle-based biotech company that produces the only FDA approved immunotherapy treatment. He works closely with vendors to ensure that patients receive top-notch care. He has been with the company for 4 years and deeply enjoys the challenges of providing a novel treatment to men suffering from advanced prostate cancer.  

When he isn’t travelling along the west coast, Teddy spends his time expanding on and tinkering in his Seattle home music “studio,” which he takes great pride in. He attends as many concerts as possible, and has an insatiable thirst for live performances and vinyl records.  


JoAnn Mills' first career was as a psychotherapist in private practice in Seattle. Since 2000, she has pursued a career with Campbell & Company in fundraising for nonprofits. She brings her significant expertise offering valuable insight to our organization, joining the NPSI Advisory Council as a contributing member in 2015. 

As a graduate of both the University of Washington and Fielding Graduate University, JoAnn remains quite active in a number of community-oriented Seattle area initiatives, including as a board member and past president of the Women's Funding Alliance.

She feels fortunate to live close to her two young grandchildren. She also enjoys time spent kite-boarding with her spouse on the Columbia River, off Jetty Island, and in the Gulf of Mexico. JoAnn sums up the life in the Northwest eloquently when she speaks of the area's "iconic beauty and incredible dynamism". 



Doug Ulrich joined NPSI as a member of the Advisory Council in 2014. He attends the annual NPSI Board/Advisory Council retreat and, throughout the year, offers the Board insight on a variety of NPSI initiatives. His personable style and interesting life experiences makes him an insightful resource as NPSI strives for growth.

Doug is a founding partner of a wealth planning practice in the Washington, DC area. He earned his designation as a Certified Financial Planner™ in 2002, and runs a successful practice rooted in financial and retirement planning as well as advising corporate executives in managing a variety of complex compensation decisions.   

Knowledgeable on the increasingly important topics of Social Security and Medicare, Doug leverages a background in radio broadcasting to shed light on the many nuances of both retirement programs in his work as a frequent and entertaining presenter.

Previously, Doug served in radar surveillance and navigation with the United States Coast Guard, including being called upon to assist in the wake of the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy, for which he was awarded a medal of Commendation.

Doug resides outside the Washington, DC area, in Leesburg, Virginia. He has participated in the NPSI Major Donor Program since 2014 and visits the Seattle area often.



Structure, Bylaws, and Board Minutes

The Society is a membership organization comprised of psychoanalysts, candidates (psychoanalysts-in-training), and individuals interested in the application of psychoanalytic ideas to other fields (e.g. mental health, medical, scientific, educational, and cultural). The Society sponsors workshops, seminars, and scientific meetings where members or invited guests present original papers on the theory and practice of psychoanalysis to psychoanalytic colleagues and other mental health professionals. The Society also organizes International forums, such as the biennial International Evolving British Object Relations (EBOR) conference, to promote cross-cultural discussion and debate vital to the continued development of psychoanalysis as an important form of treatment and approach to understanding human mental life.

The Institute is the training site for mental health professionals interested in psychoanalytic education from a British object relations perspective. The Institute offers training for those seeking to become International Psychoanalytical Association certified psychoanalysts. Training to become a psychoanalyst involves four years of coursework or didactic training, and several more years to complete all of the requirements for graduation, including supervised psychoanalytic clinical work (control cases), a graduation paper demonstrating theoretical and clinical mastery, and personal analysis. The Institute also provides courses for psychotherapists who want to deepen their theoretical understanding and clinical skill without committing to full psychoanalytic training.

To see a map of the organizational structure of NPSI, please click on the image below.

NPSI Organizational Chart 


NPSI Bylaws September 2018

NPSI Board Policies and Procedures Manual

NPSI Manual

Strategic Plan

NPSI Strategic Plan


Annual Meeting Minutes and Committee Reports

September 21, 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes and Committee Reports

October 20, 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes and Committee Reports

November 16, 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes and Committee Reports

December 2, 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes and Committee Reports

October 1, 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes and Committee Reports


Board Meeting Minutes



History of the Organization

Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute was founded in 1999 by a small group of psychoanalysts interested in establishing a training program for individuals seeking advanced education in psychoanalysis from a British object relations perspective. The initial board of directors for NPSI, when it began as an International Psychoanalytical Association sponsored study group, included Maxine Anderson, Austin Case, Don Ross, Elie Debbane, Theodore Dorpat, Kenneth King, Sid Perzow, Marianne Robinson, and Stephen Rush.

The initial study group was named the Center for Object Relations (COR). As the group formed, two distinct directions for growth emerged. In time, each evolved into a separate organization. COR strove to educate psychotherapists, particularly developing programs to work with young families. The training center for future psychoanalysts developed into Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute.

As is customary with groups seeking to affiliate with the IPA, the early years of NPSI’s development were overseen by a sponsoring committee of senior training analysts including Brian Robertson (Chair), Theodore Jacobs, and Earnest Lawrence. The committee offered guidance in all aspects of the organization’s growth during twice yearly visits between 1999 and 2004. These efforts were richly rewarded when NPS was granted full component society status by the IPA at its biennial congress in 2007 (Berlin).

During the formative years NPSI sought collaborative contact with other local psychoanalytic societies and participated in forming the Seattle Inter-Institute Committee comprised of all local psychoanalytic training institutes. One of the enduring outcomes of this group effort is an annual clinical symposium for advanced psychoanalytic candidates and recent analytic graduates designed to develop and safeguard a space for creative psychoanalytic discourse that goes beyond the theoretical stamp of the different training institutes.

In 2001, while NPSI was still a study group, it also formed national alliances by joining the Coalition of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies (later renamed the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies). The Confederation, founded in 1992, represents the interests of the growing community of independent American psychoanalytic societies of the IPA. These are societies not affiliated with the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA), but rather linked directly or “independently” to the International Psychoanalytical Association. Other CIPS societies include the Contemporary Freudian Society (CFS), the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR), the Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies (LAISPS), the Psychoanalytic Center of California (PCC), the Psychoanaltyic Center of Northern California (PINC), and the Direct Members Society (DMS).

As NPSI continues to develop it enjoys a unique position in North America being one of the few IPA-affiliated training institutes specializing in psychoanalytic education from a British object relations perspective. To learn more about the training and curriculum please click here to go to the Institute section.


NPSI Code of Ethics

To download the NPSI Code of Ethics or the Provisions for Implementation, click on the following:

NPSI Code of Ethics [.pdf Document]

Provisions for Implementation of the NPSI Code of Ethics [.pdf Document]

Filing an Ethics Concern or Complaint

Should you have concerns or complaints about any of our members, please contact NPSI President/Acting Director of Training, Maxine Nelson, LICSW, FIPA.


Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute is affiliated with a number of psychoanalytic organizations that are interrelated to one another. NPSI is a member of the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies (USA), which in turn is a member of the larger regional North American Psychoanalytic Confederation. All psychoanalytic societies within CIPS and NAPsaC are also affiliated with the IPA which is the oldest and largest psychoanalytic organization worldwide. To read more about each organization click on the links below.

Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies (CIPS)

North American Psychoanalytic Confederation (NAPsaC) 

International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA)

NPSI also collaborates with other psychoanalytic institutes and psychodynamically oriented organizations in the Pacific Northwest to cosponsor conferences and other special events. To read more about each organization click on the links below.

COR Northwest Family Development Center

Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study


Upcoming Events

All NPSI events, with exception of EBOR, are held at 2701 First Avenue, Suite 120 Seattle, WA 98121 unless otherwise noted.

To view additional information on an event and/or purchase tickets to attend, please click on the event listing on the calendar.

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* Paper titles will be added to the website later and included in pre-meeting announcements sent to the NPSI email list. If you are not sure you’re on the NPSI email list or want to be added to it, write to admin@NPSI.us.com and include in the subject line “Add me to NPSI email list”.