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The following is a list of our graduates and the title of their final paper presented to the membership as part of their graduation ceremony.


Dana Blue – In the Twilight Room: On Extended Silence and the Cultivation of Triangular Space (2010)

Sue Neell Carlson – Whose hate is it? Encountering emotional turbulence in the crosscurrents of projective identification and countertransference experience (2005)

Jeffrey L Eaton – The Obstructive Object (2004)

Judy K Eekhoff – Somatic Counter-transference as Evidence of Adhesive Identification in a Severely Traumatized Woman (2002)

Caron Harrang – Negative Therapeutic Reaction: A Reexamination of Freud’s Original Concept in Light of Klein’s ‘positions’ and Bion’s notion of Catastrophic Change (2009)

Julie Hendrickson - Negative Transference in the Transformative Cycle of Reparation (2018)

David Jachim – Wanted Dead and Alive: The Negative Object (2009)

Adrian Jarreau – Intuiting the Unknown: Listening with the Unconscious Mind (2008)

Esther Karson – Nowhere to go: When Psychic Equilibrium Prevails (2010)

Maxine Nelson – Blade Runner as Metaphor: Encapsulation in Virtual Reality as a Defense Against Psychic Annihilation (2014)

Shierry Nicholsen – Reparation: An Exploration of the Concept and its Manifestations in Clinical Material (2008)

David Parnes - On Growth, a Gift, and Goodbyes: Initial Thoughts on Termination (2018)

David Rasmussen – Expanding the Notion of Validation of Interpretations (2003)

Rikki Ricard – Taking Humor Seriously: The Relationship of the Ego to the Destructive Superego (2005)

Barbara Sewell – Gathering Resolve: Preparing for the Journey as a Psychoanalyst by Understanding the Development of Countertransference as Theory and Technique (2013)

Carolyn SteinbergThe Tumultuous Birth Of Countertransference in a Candidate (2019)

For additional information or to read any of the papers listed please contact individual authors listed in the Membership Roster.

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