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Member Roster

Jeffrey L Eaton, MA, BCPsa, FIPA

Address: 619 North 35th Street, Suite 206
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Zip: 98103
Phone: 206.548.9293

Specialty/Practice Description:

Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and consultation.
I provide psychoanalysis and psychotherapy to children and adults. I have a special interest in the treatment of autistic states, especially in children. I am particularly interested in the work of Bion, Meltzer, Tustin, and Grotstein and in the implications of the intersubjective field as it relates to the psychoanalytic process. I also enjoy offering consultation to clinicians and consult with individuals internationally. Another area of interest is the intersection of psychotherapy and spirituality, especially Buddhist psychology and meditation.

A Fruitful Harvest: Essays after Bion. The Alliance Press, 2011.

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