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Maxine Anderson, MD, FIPA

Address: 2100 Western Avenue #69
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Zip: 98121
Phone: (206) 463-4406
Years in Practice: 40+

Specialty/Practice Description:

While my original training was as a child and adult psychiatrist, I have been practicing and teaching psychoanalysis for the past three decades. I am currently a member of several local, national, and international psychoanalytic organizations. I am licensed in Washington, Oregon, and Canada and hold training and supervising analyst positions in several psychoanalytic institutes. While greatly influenced by all my previous training in the United States and Great Britain, currently Bion’s works and ways of thinking inform my practice. My contemporary professional interests include learning from experience, the function of maternal reverie in learning and growth, envy, concretization, notions of “evil”, and, from a wider perspective, the nature of reality.

Publications Include:

Anderson, M. (2016). The Wisdom of Lived Experience: views from Psychoanalysis, Neuroscience, Philosophy and Metaphysics, (Karnac, London).

Anderson, M. (2019). From Tribal Division to Welcoming Inclusion: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, (Routledge, London and New York).

“The pressure toward enactment and the hatred of reality,” Journal of the Amer. Psychoanal. Assoc., 47/2, pp 503-18.1998.

“The death of a Mind: a study of Shakespeare’s Richard III,” Journal of Analytical Psychology, 2006,51:701-16.

“Concretization, reflective thought and the emissary function of the dream” In: Allan Frosch (Ed.), Absolute Truth and Unbearable Psychic Pain: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Concreteness, Karnac (2012).

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